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WHMIS 2015

WHMIS 2015 is 100% compliant with the general WHMIS training requirements in 2018.  

WHMIS 2015 came into effect with a transition period that ends December 1, 2018.  Until then, there may still be materials on-site that comply with the older, WHMIS 1988. To ensure the safety of workers, this course educates participants about both WHMIS 2015 and WHMIS 1988 labels, classifications, and (Material) Safety Data Sheets. 

Note: Employers must also provide workplace-specific training and instruction for each hazardous product in the workplace.

$ 34.95

Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace

New October 2015

Diversity encompasses all of the ways that we are different from each other, including factors like race, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. 
Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace is an online training course that educates participants about diversity and inclusion, identifies the characteristics of a respectful workplace, and examines acceptable and unacceptable workplace attitudes and behaviours.

$ 34.95

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Clear Language) - This course is an introduction to TDG, its regulations and proper training, proper documentation, safety marks and means of containment, forbidden goods, exemptions and special provisions as well as, immediate reporting and procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. Certification period for TDG is 36 months from the date of passing the course. 

$ 34.95

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Online educates participants about the fundamentals of workplace fire prevention and response. The course identifies types of fires, types of fire extinguishers, and proper technique related to the use of a fire extinguishers. Topics covered also include workplace practices that can reduce the risk of fire and safety strategies that should be followed in the event of a fire.

$ 24.95

Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control

Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control is designed for workplaces that must adhere to provincial/territorial occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and regulations. The course describes workplace hazards, the health and safety risks posed by those hazards, and the step-by-step process which must be followed in order to identify, assess and control hazards in the workplace.

$ 34.95

Joint OH&S Committee Orientation

Each person who will be serving on a JHSC should be educated about the role of the committee, the duties of members, and the protocols and procedures that must be followed to ensure effective meetings and proper documentation. 

The Joint Health and Safety Committee is an appropriate general knowledge course for both management and non-management members of a JHSC.

Note: This is a general knowledge course and does not meet the training requirements for 'certified JHSC members, where prescribed by law. 

$ 24.95

An Introduction to the Canada Labour Code Part II

Everyone in the workplace. including employers, managers, supervisors and employees, must understand the OHS laws that apply to their workplace.  Workplace under federal jurisdiction must comply with the Canada Labour Code Part II.  This course introduces participants to this legislation, describes the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, explains required OHS policies and practices, and identifies the possible consequences for non-compliance.


$ 29.95

Confined Space Awareness

When there is a confined space in the workplace, all workers in that workplace require Confined Space Awareness training as well as workplace specific training. This online course identifies the characteristics of a confined space, describes the risks associated with working in a confined space and the prescribed methods for controlling those risks, and explains the documentation requirements pertaining to confined space work.

$ 24.95

Due Diligence for Supervisors

Due Diligence for Supervisors explains the philosophy of the Internal Responsibility System and the principle of due diligence, and examines the measures that must be taken to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety legislation.

$ 34.95

H2S Awareness

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a highly toxic and flammable gas. Each year in Canada, workers are injured and killed by exposure to H2S. H2S Awareness explains the properties of H2S, identifies control measures, and provides a practical description of what to do in the event of exposure. H2S Awareness is a great introductory course for those looking to continue on to complete the H2S Alive certification or those looking to better understand the extremely dangerous hazards associated with H2S.

$ 24.95

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation examines the responsibilities of employers and workers when it comes to incident reporting and investigation, explains the steps that must be followed during an incident investigation, and provides practical strategies to ensure the effectiveness of the investigation process.

$ 34.95

Lockout / Tagout

The term "Lockout/Tagout" refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard workers from the unexpected energizing or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. Lockout/Tagout explains the importance of Lockout/Tagout in protecting the health and safety of workers. The course examines basic workplace safety tenets and examines the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout/Tagout process.

$ 24.95

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness examines the role of PPE in protecting the health and safety of workers and describes how to properly use specific types of PPE which may be used in the workplace.

$ 24.95

Positive and Progressive Discipline

Training in Positive and Progressive Discipline will be the first step in creating a work environment free of insubordination or hostility. Progressive discipline encourages and fosters trust and confidence in management and a return to harmony in the workplace.

$ 36.00

Working Safely Alone

Working Alone identifies categories of workers that meet the general definition of 'working alone', explains OHS laws in Canada as they pertain to those who work alone, and describes practical safety measures that should be implemented to protect lone workers in various circumstances, including those who work with cash, work in isolated circumstances, meet clients in off-site locations, travel alone, and/or perform job duties in working alone circumstances and for supervisors, managers, and employers who are responsible for protecting the health and safety of those that work alone.  

$ 24.95

Workplace Inspections

Workplace Inspections explains the integral role of regular, scheduled inspections in supporting the workplace health and safety program and provides participants with a practical understanding of the workplace inspection process. Content areas include: preparing for the inspection, performing the inspection, the workplace inspection report, and follow-up activities.

$ 34.95